2014 Toyota Fortuner – Superb engine

2014 Toyota Fortuner review specs

Everyday, the expansion in the car industry is drastically increasing and we are waiting to increase for one more, 2014 Toyota Fortuner. The competition continues and there arise new models and versions to maintain prestige and reputation. Toyota is a renowned name in the car industry that has retained its reputation for over the years when it comes to product quality and recognition. Fortuner is one of its products that have gained immense acceptance in the global car market and later this year, another version is expected to hit the market. With a tough competition of SUV, Toyota is one of the names trusted in the creation of this segment, trying to create another Fortuner new version that will ensure immense popularity.

2014 Toyota Fortuner front view photo 500x271 2014 Toyota Fortuner   Superb engine

The redesigned Toyota Fortuner is precisely having a complete innovation in its appearance with high technological facilities in the interior. This model is inspired by Hilux with performance and design made exquisite this time. The 2014 Toyota Fortuner is redesigned that will satisfy both on roads and off roads drive. Regardless of your travel needs on any destination, this model will significantly cater them all. It is built and redesign for optimal customer satisfaction when it comes to performance, safety, reliability and fuel efficiency. Comes in an elegant SUV type, this Fortuner newest version is ideal for family get together or friends getaway.

2014 Toyota Fortuner side view photo 500x375 2014 Toyota Fortuner   Superb engine

Premium Toyota’s newest models with superb engine and quality performance levels would include the limited edition, Toyota Fortuner Petrol and Toyota Fortuner Diesel. There are two options when it comes to diesel engine. One is the 2.5 liter with 144 horsepower and the 3.0 liter with 163 horsepower. In case of the new petrol engine, it contains a 2.7 liter with 160 horsepower. All models for the new versions are built with either an optional AWD or FWD system on a 5-speed automatic transmission. Anyone can have a good choice with great preferences offered.

2014 Toyota Fortuner rear view photo 500x313 2014 Toyota Fortuner   Superb engine

When it comes to the exterior design and look, the 2014 Toyota Fortuner is stunningly awesome. The new version of this model looks fascinating with amongst the featured modifications that includes 17” alloy wheel, front fog lamps, grille and modified headlights. This redesigned look can offer this version with warm welcome with its expected introduction in the car industry later this year or early the next year. The 2014 Toyota Fortuner is ideally spacious and can accommodate a maximum of seven seaters making it a comfortable car for the family that is very suitable in all terrains drive.

2014 Toyota Fortuner interior view photo 500x333 2014 Toyota Fortuner   Superb engine

2014 Toyota Fortuner interior

The interior is specifically designed with quality technological system. Included in the built in conveniences and comforts inside the new Fortuner are rear parking assist monitor, automatic air conditioning, enhanced display and audio system on six speakers, CD/MP3 player and Bluetooth connectivity. All these comforts can make your travel very much worthwhile and entertaining. Paving different kinds of roads is very much possible without having the feeling of stress or any inconveniences while on the road. With the new Toyota Fortuner, you can experience a ride that is meant to provide you with supreme comfort and safety.

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